The Halo Leisure Center in Hereford suffered flood damage numerous times and EGC were bought in to rectify the damage.

  • In October 2019 the basement offices and lower plant room suffered flood damage. Strip out and drying works were undertaken and while gearing up for a start on reinstatement in February 2020 the building suffered an even worse flood.
  • The basement office area went under 1m of water, the main plant room had around 250mm of water through it, but the most devastating damage occurred to the lower plant room that houses all the machinery for running the pools and ventilation, this went under 2.1m of water. Mains cables that supply power to the whole building were compromised so the business had to be closed down.
  • As a result of the above, all mains electrical feeds and panels were condemned. E G Carter & Co Ltd had to have a new bespoke mains panel constructed and installed which was relocated onto the mezzanine floor area well away from risk of damage from any future floods. Around 2km of new mains armoured cable was installed throughout the building to get power back to all areas, which also included 12 new incoming mains cables being installed from the Western Power transformer supply into the new mains panel. Fire stopping and compartmentation works were also undertaken to areas where these cables passed through various fire break zones throughout the building.
  • Various new electrical sub-mains panels, pumps, air handling units, and control panels were renewed throughout the building. As it was found that many areas now did not comply with current legislation we also had to fit a new fire detection system through the whole building, along with upgrading emergency lighting throughout and the main lighting in a few locations
  • The risk of future floods is still high so a system of water management was considered during the redesign of most below-ground areas of the building. The basement offices had all partition walls built on top of 2 courses of concrete blocks, sumps have been built into the floors so flat bilge pumps can be installed during times of flooding and a new large-bore electric pump has been fitted in the main plant room on a fixed pipe system so water can be evacuated from the building by a flick of a switch.
  • As the power supply was off for so long, tiles started to become dislodged in the pools and divers were brought in to carry out repairs
  • Various suspended ceilings were renewed as removal of these made it easier to run the new electric mains cables through the building and we also carried out decoration to walls and woodwork of all areas disturbed.
  • E G Carter & Co Ltd had a minor setback at the end of January this year when the basement office area flooded again just as the new fire doors were being installed. Fortunately, we were on site when this started and was able to manage the water out of the building so it never rose above 75mm. A good test for the systems we had put in place for this area and the lower plant room areas.
  • As well as the above, the leisure center also runs a bike hire service and tennis courts from a timber-framed building in the park opposite. Damage was less severe here as electrical systems and supplies are set at a high level. We had to renew the cladding inside and out and insulation to a height of 700mm after drying and sanitisation works were complete. Walls to the whole building were then decorated to match as closely as possible the original colour.