Three phase project requiring the creation of new concrete flooring and pads followed by the erection of a steel frame building

  • Comprehensive planning of every aspect of all the construction stages was key to the success of this fast-track project which necessitated extremely high levels of safety, accuracy and quality.
  • Works were carried out within a live factory environment requesting a collaborative approach to install bases and services for robotic machinery.
  • E G Carter & Co Ltd purchasing teams were tasked with utilising our long-established supply chain to source and deliver resources at the correct time strictly in accordance with programme and specification requirements.
  • Site space was limited and necessitated the need for a ‘just in time’ delivery system to be utilised.
  • A phased and structured handover was initiated to maintain the operation of the factory.
  • Security was of the upmost priority to our client - this included the consideration of corporate theft.
  • The subsequent installation of plant was successfully completed by specialist contractors.
  • This projected was completed safely, on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards including finishing to the most demanding construction tolerances.