Handover of Historic Ashton Gatehouse to Ashton Park School

A special handover ceremony took place of the historic Ashton Gatehouse to Excalibur Academies Trust’s Ashton Park School, from construction company E G Carter & Co Ltd, following an accident last year which caused considerable damage. A number of companies and contractors, who lovingly restored this Grade II listed building, were in attendance to witness this momentous occasion.

The Gatehouse, which was the original entrance to Ashton Court Estate, is steeped in history having been constructed in 1805 in the regency gothic style, and is now open for all to enjoy including training, meetings and workshops. Excalibur and Ashton Park School are also keen to once more enjoy these beautiful facilities for Trust and school activities.

The handover event took place on Thursday, 13th June, at Ashton Park School. The morning was filled with all members of the project who had seen the project through from start to finish. There were speeches from Nick Lewis and Chris Nicks, who explained the process of the works that had been undertaken. The E G Carter & Co Ltd Insurance team did what they do best and formed a plan to bring life back to this incredible piece of history. Full structural supports were undertaken and the removal and rebuild of the stone turret was completed. All of this was done under the close supervision of structural engineer Neil Bentley, Historic England, and Highways in regard to the traffic interactions.

Nick Lewis, Director of Secondary Improvement at Excalibur Academies Trust comments: “We are delighted to be stepping back into this exquisite building with its stone work, turrets, spiral staircases and hidden treasures. We would like to thank all those individuals and companies involved and including, but not limited to, architects, contractors, construction, structural engineers, scaffolders and stone masons who have done a stunning job of restoring the Gatehouse to its former glory.”

Chris Nicks, Associate Director at E G Carter & Co Ltd, added: “The restoration of Ashton Gatehouse was a complex yet rewarding project. Seeing it now, standing proudly with its historical essence intact, is a testament to the dedication and expertise of everyone involved.”

Richard Uffendell, Headteacher of Ashton Park School, adds: “We are extremely privileged to accommodate this beautiful building on our school site. The handover ceremony was very fitting, with symbolic ribbon cutting, speeches, photos, and delicious cakes. More poignant was the presence of our students, an integral part of the school community, and who will continue to appreciate the Gatehouse and its history for decades to come.”