From Groundbreaking to Groundwork: Izzy Coopey Journey in Construction

E G Carter & Co Ltd proudly announces the remarkable journey of Izzy Coopey, from a school event attendee to a promising apprentice within the construction industry.

Izzy's journey with E G Carter & Co Ltd began in July 2017 when she participated in a groundbreaking event at Beaufort School (now known as Holmleigh Park), where our team were building the new reception extension to the school along with various refurbishments and a new maths block. Little did we know, this encounter sparked Izzy's interest in construction. Fast forward to Year 12, Izzy took the initiative to reach out to us for work experience, and we gladly welcomed her into our industry. During her time with us, she gained invaluable insights into both on-site operations and office work, solidifying her determination to pursue a career in construction.

Upon completing her A Levels, Izzy wasted no time in applying for E G Carter & Co Ltd's Management Trainee Scheme. Following an interview and a trial week, it became evident that Izzy was an exceptional fit for our company. Today, she stands as a testament to the success of our apprenticeship scheme, working alongside one of our seasoned Project Managers, Dean Lambert, at our project at Safran Landing Systems in Cheltenham.

"I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities E G Carter & Co Ltd has provided me. From my first introduction to construction at Beaufort School to now working on-site, every step of this journey has been both rewarding and enlightening. I am excited to continue growing within the industry and making meaningful contributions to our projects," says Izzy Coopey.

Joshua Carter, Managing Director of E G Carter & Co Ltd, expresses his enthusiasm for Izzy's journey, stating, "Izzy's dedication and passion for construction is truly inspiring. We are proud to have her as part of our team and are committed to supporting her as she continues to excel in her career. Her journey is a testament to the opportunities available within the construction industry for motivated individuals like Izzy."

E G Carter & Co Ltd remains dedicated to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for individuals like Izzy to thrive within the construction sector.