Event Marks the Commencement of Construction Sports Hub in Gloucester

On Friday 16th February E G Carter & Co Ltd, in collaboration with Blackbridge Charitable Community Benefit Society,celebrated a momentous occasion as they broke ground on the site of the future Blackbridge Community and Sports Hub in Podsmead, Gloucester.

The groundbreaking at the construction site in Podsmead marked the beginning of a transformative project aimed at enhancing community engagement and promoting active lifestyles in the area. Representatives from various organisations including the Blackbridge CCBS team and directors, the Youth Investment Fund, Project Managers - FWP Group and local MP Richard Graham, gathered to witness the historic moment and express their enthusiasm for the project's positive impact on the local community.

Mark Harries, Associate Director at E G Carter & Co Ltd, said "We are excited to be part of this initiative that will not only provide state-of-the-art facilities but also foster a sense of community pride and togetherness centered around health and fitness."

Mark Gale, a director of Blackbridge Charitable Community Benefit Society, also shared his thoughts, saying, "We are delighted that E G Carter & Co Ltd, our main contractor are based in Podsmead just a few hundred yards from the site. The Community and Sports Hub will offer fantastic opportunities for the wellbeing of residents of Podsmead and the surrounding areas. this project is collaborative effort to create a space where everyone can come together, learn, and thrive."

At the heart of the project is the construction of the new Blackbridge Community and Sports Hub, which will offer a range of amenities and programs designed to promote health, well-being, youth services and social connection within the community. The hub will provide access to various sports facilities and recreational activities, catering to individuals of all ages and abilities.

To mark the event in a traditional way a ceremonial spade was put in the ground, signifying the official start of construction.

The completion of the Blackbridge Community and Sports Hub is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.