E G Carter & Co Ltd Presents Cheques to SARA and The Gloucester Samaritans

At E G Carter & Co Ltd, community support is at the heart of our values. As part of our ongoing dedication to giving back, we are pleased to announce that throughout 2023 our employees raised over £20,000 for local charities and communities including the EGC charities of the year Severn Area Rescue Association and The Gloucester Samaritans.

Severn Area Rescue Association plays a critical role in providing life-saving services along the River Severn and surrounding areas, ensuring the safety of our local communities. Similarly, The Gloucester Samaritans offer invaluable emotional support to those facing mental health challenges.

During the cheque-giving ceremony, held on Wednesday 6th March, representatives from Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA) and Gloucestershire Samaritans were presented with a cheque from E G Carter & Co Ltd. This funding will contribute to the continued provision of essential services and support within Gloucestershire. ⛵☎️

E G Carter & Co Ltd are dedicated to not only building fantastic projects but also making a positive impact in our local communities. Over the past seven years, this commitment has enabled us to raise over £100,000 for various local charities and causes. We are delighted to continue supporting worthy initiatives and look forward to further contributions in the future.