At the start of January, E G Carter & Co Ltd constructed a shed for a local Gloucestershire family who needed more space to store disability equipment which helps with the on-going care for their son.

Back in December, E G Carter & Co Ltd were contacted by Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and asked if they could help a local family who needed extra space for their child’s disability equipment. E G Carter & Co Ltd were more than happy to help, the shed itself had been funded by Mayfield Home Trust who had worked alongside the family and came up with the plan of creating more space.

Joshua Carter, Director at E G Carter & Co Ltd said “We were more than happy to help with the construction of the shed and we know how much this will help the family. Helping the local community is part of what we do as a Company and knowing that these small gestures can make a life changing difference to people is something that we hold close to our heart”.

The construction of the shed took just over 2 days, the process included the removing and excavation of grass and topsoil, creating a hardcore base and construction of timber steel, installation of windows and a felt roof.

The Gloucestershire Family, who do not wish to be named said “Thank you so much for the great job the team have done. We really are so pleased with it and are really grateful to E G Carter & Co Ltd for taking on this project – it will make a real difference to us to have the extra storage space.”