On Thursday 9th March 2017, E G Carter & Co Ltd attended the ‘1000 Thank Yous’ event at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The gold heart shape of the artwork is made up of 1000 gold gift tags engraved with messages of thanks from transplant recipients to their donors and families. The installation takes the form of a large gold heart constructed from 1000 gold anodised aluminium gift tags which have been engraved with heartfelt messages of thanks collected from previous donor recipients. A heart shape has been chosen as it is one of the most common forms of organ transplant, providing the gift of life to hundreds of people each year.

London and Gloucestershire based George King Architects designed the artwork, founder George King, who was born and grew up in Uley near Stroud and went to Rednock School, said: “If you go into the hospital and see it, you might just go in and say 'this is an interesting sculpture' but as you get further into it, I think people will be moved.

"Organ donation is a truly selfless act and there can be no better way of contributing to the county where I was born and grew up. This is the best way I could give something back to the hospital where I was born."

The sculpture was commissioned and funded by the hospital's Organ Donation Committee and partners to provide a permanent reminder of the power of organ and tissue donation. E G Carter & Co Ltd installed the steel works that held the sculpture in place and also assisted in the installation of the sculpture itself.

Peter Blanch, Head of General Works at E G Carter & Co Ltd said “It’s great to be part of ‘1000 Thank Yous’, not only is it a great cause but it’s a reminder of how brave and selfless organ donors are. E G Carter & Co Ltd is proud to have been part of this prestigious day”

The hospital has rewarded E G Carter & Co Ltd along with other businesses that helped put the sculpture together with a plaque next to the monument as a thank you to all of those involved.

Sculpture designed by George King Architects

To see more about the ‘1000 Thank Yous’ event please watch: