On Thursday 25th October 2018, E G Carter & Co Ltd used some of their manpower to help clean up a garden used regularly by children at the James Hopkins Trust.

The garden was full of autumn leaves, meaning that it was a health and safety hazard for the children playing due to the surface being very wet and slippery.

Four volunteers from E G Carter & Co Ltd spent their day cleaning the garden of leaves, jet washing the wheelchair road, scrubbing the playground and tidying up the memorial garden ready for their service in a few weeks’ time.

Tricia Kelly, a volunteer from E G Carter & Co Ltd. said “This was a really great day, not only have we cleaned the garden for the children of James Hopkins, but we have also all bonded as a team. When we first arrived, the garden was a sea of orange and red, by the time we left we could see the green again. It was a fantastic day doing something so rewarding”.

Each year E G Carter & Co Ltd chooses between two and three charities which they will support and fundraise throughout the year. The James Hopkins Trust is one of E G Carter & Co Ltd’s. 2018 charities of the year, we have supported the charity in numerous fundraising ways and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the year. The James Hopkins Trust provide care for babies and children up to the age of 5 who have a life limiting or life-threatening condition while supporting their families.

Thank you, Tricia Kelly, Steve Bleach, Sian Baker and Kimberley Clay, for volunteering.

E G Carter & Co Ltd will be volunteering to help The James Hopkins Trust again at the end of November.