E G Carter & Co Ltd bring summer to Minchinhampton Golf Club

Earlier this year E G Carter & Co Ltd worked alongside Minchinhampton Golf Club in Stroud to construct three new balconies to the existing club house. The well-known golf club wanted to expand and create new areas for their members to use throughout the Summer.

To keep the design consistent with the rest of the club the team incorporated design elements from the existing building to ensure the new feature matched with its surroundings.

E G Carter & Co Ltd and Minchinhampton Golf club celebrated the new terraces with an official opening ceremony. Peter Blanch, Associate Director at E G Carter & Co Ltd said “It was a pleasure to work with Minchinhampton Golf Club, the new outdoor terrace complements the existing clubhouse, allows extra space and really adds to the atmosphere. In the summer months this will be a great asset for the club.”

The new balconies have added a completely new identity to the golf club ready to enjoy summer.