E G Carter & Co Ltd Begins Construction at Oasis Academy New Oak in Bristol

E G Carter & Co Ltd are pleased to announce the start of construction at the Oasis Academy New Oak in Bristol. This new project will include an extension to the School, aimed at expanding its Autistic Resource Base (ARB) and enhancing the educational experience for all students.

The extension is designed to provide more space and resources to the Academy's Autistic Resource Base, allowing its capacity to grow from 14 pupils to 28. In addition to this expansion, the project includes the construction of two new classrooms and additional learning spaces. These developments will support the Academy’s mission to provide a comprehensive and personalised learning experience for students.

"We are excited to begin work on this project alongside Kendal Architecture, which will have a profound impact on the students and community served by Oasis Academy New Oak," said Matthew Dyke, Senior Surveyor at E G Carter & Co Ltd. "The expansion of the Autistic Resource Base will allow more children to experience the high-quality education provided by the Academy. This not only benefits the new pupils, but it also creates additional learning spaces for all students."

This project continues the collaborative relationship between E G Carter & Co Ltd and Oasis Community Learning, a Multi Academy Trust overseeing a network of schools across the UK. Previously, E G Carter & Co Ltd worked with Oasis Community Learning on several other projects, each designed to create inspiring environments where students can thrive. This ongoing partnership demonstrates E G Carter & Co Ltd's commitment to delivering quality educational spaces that support the unique needs of each school and its students.

Philip Allan, Principal at Oasis Academy New Oak, shared his enthusiasm for the new project, saying, “I feel so privileged to be creating a space for 14 of the most vulnerable children in our community. Working with E G Carter & Co Ltd has been a breath of fresh air: Craig, Matt, Oliver, John and the team have been amazing. This project will not just increase provision but enhance it, creating a working kitchen and an occupational therapy room. This will allow our children to learn lifelong skills as well as receive physical and sensory interventions that are so beneficial. Our only issue is trying to stop our children trying to do the work themselves.”

The construction work represents a significant opportunity for Oasis Academy New Oak to enhance its facilities and accommodate more students. The expansion will allow the school to better serve its community and address the needs of children with autism, promoting inclusivity and personalised learning.