E G Carter & Co Ltd announce new Managing Directors

E G Carter & Co Ltd are excited to announce that from the 1st January 2022, Joshua and Sam Carter will become Managing Directors of the local family construction Company.

Current Managing Director, Michael Carter will not be retiring but assuming the position of Chairman and working in the background as he guides and steers Joshua and Sam as they grow into their respective roles.

The confidence that the Company has in both Joshua and Sam stems from the fact that they fully understand the underlying values, principles and ethos of how E G Carter & Co Ltd is run. Furthermore, they are both fully committed to continuing with those values, principles and ethos at the heart of everything E G Carter & Co Ltd do.

This, in turn, gives confidence to all employees and colleagues, all clients, their advisors, architects and the like, all members of their supply chain, subcontractors and all other stakeholders such as the bank, accountants and other professional bodies of continuity and stability.

Of course, Joshua and Sam will be keen to demonstrate their own personality and ambitions for the Company going forward, this ambition underpinned by a sense of value and understanding of the Company’s history.

As the new Managing Directors grow into their roles, we see that Sam will lead on business development, strategy and construction whilst Joshua will lead on all other aspects, such as; employee engagement and HR, Head Office functions, Health and Safety and corporate governance.

E G Carter & Co Ltd hope the appointment of Joshua and Sam will give everyone confidence in the long-term prospects and stability of the Company.