E G Carter & Co Ltd's Property Services team were called when homes needed urgent refurbishment in Hereford.

After needing an urgent refurbishment, our Property Services team were called to bring life back to some very unloved homes in Catherine Court, Hereford. The project involved the total removal of external masonry and render elevations from 15 flats. The internal refurbishment needed new kitchens, bathrooms, general upgrading works of flooring and a complete redecoration.

This particular project was challenging, the development was still in use and located in the centre of the city. To ensure minimal disruption and a safe working environment, the project was planned in phases, these were then executed one after the other to enable continual progression. Due to the location of Catherine Court we also took into consideration the local businesses in the area and did our best to minimise the disruption to them.

Becky, a resident in Catherine Court said “ The refurbishment of our home is fantastic, it just means that we can start living in the flat properly and as a family again”

After 2 years, we were able to hand over the completed project, with all tenants and clients happy with their new homes.