Refurbishment and Alteration

From modest layout and access alterations, to complete multi million pound refurbishments, we have the capability to support clients in achieving their requirements.

As with any construction project, the success is in the planning and preparation. No more so than on refurbishment and alteration work.

On appointment to a refurbishment and alteration project, we will undertake a sufficient exploratory process with the client and their professional team to ensure that what is envisaged during the work's stage is feasible.

This process will involve a range of review meetings to ensure a full understanding of the building to be refurbished as well as providing an opportunity to review design, sequencing and or methodology, reflect on the possible impact the works may pose and expose any unforeseen risks.

Programming and sequencing are of the highest importance and will be tailored around the needs of the client.

It is not always necessary to work on the whole of a building at any one time. Breaking existing structures down into sensible and practical phases will ensure that control of the works, quality of the refurbishment works and Health & Safety can all be readily managed.

A further key consideration, particularly if the refurbishment works involve a substantial mechanical and electrical portion, is in the provision and management of temporary supplies. The distribution of temporary power and temporary lighting needs to be fully coordinated to ensure the provision is appropriate for the task in hand and is safe.

Excellent and detailed record-keeping is also a prerequisite for a successful refurbishment project. A first-class site diary, progress photographs and accurate and meaningful record keeping will be invaluable. Particularly if the speed of the programme dictates that areas of work are opened up and covered up in the same operation.

Accurate cost control is also vital. We pride ourselves on our ability to update our clients on a monthly basis with a rolling final account. This will ensure discipline in cost control.