Design and Build

We are very well versed in design and build procurement, the majority of the projects we deliver are completed on a Design and Build form of contract.

Our experience in this form of project delivery dates back to the early 1980's when design and build was in its infancy. One of the principle reasons why clients select E G Carter & Co Ltd to partner with them using this form of contract is our low staff turnover.

Many of our employees within estimating, surveying and production management functions have been employed with the Company in excess of twenty five years. Consequently, the knowledge, expertise and experience of the design and build process stays with the Company and is made available to all our clients.

Our design and build knowledge includes situations where the architect and / or engineer are novated to us, as well as situations where we appoint our own specialist, tried and tested designers.

We are familiar with various appointment agreements which form the basis to a relationship with designers, and the need for the warranties to be in place, protecting our ultimate client together with the requisite professional indemnity insurances.