Founded in 1945 by Edward George Carter, we remain a family business with over 200 staff.

E G Carter and Company Limited was founded by Edward George (George) Carter in 1945. We remain family owned and adhere to all of the values and principles associated with a family owned and controlled business.

George Carter was a man of great principles, he was a master craftsman, horrified if anyone were to criticise his workmanship or service. Legend has it that he would rip up an invoice and refuse to accept payment should anyone have the temerity to question his standards.

George worked in the business with his brother Harold and in 1957 they were joined by Brian Carter, the eldest son of George.

It was from this time that the Company started to grow. Acquiring formal business premises, undertaking larger contracts and employing additional staff including in 1962 our very first apprentice.

The Company became incorporated as a Limited Company in 1964 and the scale of activity continued to grow.

With Brian at the helm the Company, we never lost sight of the founding principles established by George himself, namely a commitment to provide the best possible construction service, to do so with good grace and courtesy and without recourse to contract, to ensure the prompt payment to all subcontractors and suppliers and providing the long term commitment of all employees through a compassionate and supportive employment culture.

The growth continued throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s to the extent that the third generation were invited to join the business in the early 1980’s Michael, Richard and David Carter. The families continuing involvement not only in the ownership but in the management of the business helps to reinforce the commitment to the core values.

Despite periods of challenging economy and huge setbacks such as the very early passing of Richard Carter and the equally sad and early passing of James Moreton (our Financial Director from 1989 – 2014) the Company continues its growth and development.

The fourth generation are now finding their feet in the business, Joshua, Sam and Gavin Carter, as we endeavour to hold fast to our principles and set a vision to reach our hundredth anniversary in 2045 with the ownership and our values intact.